Haroldcoin: Meme-inspired Cryptocurrency

Haroldcoin is a GPU mineable cryptocurrency hommage inspired by a famous internet celebrity we love greatly. It is an ASIC-resistent memecoin. We believe mining should be possible for everyone without the need for specialized hardware or investments.

Total supply is set at 100.000.000 HRLD. Block reward is 200 HRLD. Block time is 10 minutes, with a halving every 50.000 blocks (10 million HRLD). Most importantly, this project is about having fun. 2% of the supply is reserved for Harold, and he is free to take them at any time he so desires.

Soft launch: 16 April 2021, full launch: 27 May 2021

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Road Map
White Paper

Decentralized Peer-to-peer Network While Having Fun

We believe our mined Haroldcoins are no less real than the infinite printing being done by most of the world's governments at the time. At least computer resources and electricity for the mining creates a base value for something. Unlike Dollars, Euros, Pounds, other currencies, and many types of cryptocurrency, HRLD actually requires proof-of-work and unlike their inflationary system we believe in a deflationary system. Why not do this and have fun at the same time? Money printer may go BRRR, but HRLD sure doesn't. Also, since we love Harold so much, we believe Harold should be immortalized on the internet, for being one of the most famous memes. If some king who once existed can have his face printed on gold coins, for sure Harold who is more worthy deserves to have a modern form to commerorate his greatness.

PHI1612-based Mining Algorithm

PHI1612 has been developed as a combination of dual X17 algos with unique combinations and 128 bit headers. This system is energy efficient and most importantly it is ASIC-resistant and stable. The following miners work for HRLD: CCMiners, SGMiners. For securing the beginning network, you are invited to join us in mining Haroldcoin. You can mine with a GPU (graphics card), even if your computer is a potato, so why not join us? Enter the party now that this thing is still fresh and reward is high while difficulty is low. Can you say: MAGIC INTERNET CRYPTOCURRENCY? Because we sure can!

Mining Haroldcoin is Easy, Anyone can do it!

Mining Haroldcoin is quite simple. It used to be CPU only, but now we have a GPU pool. Click here for instructions on how to mine with GPU (thanks to Gizzmonius and Rigo for this guide). There are two mining pools: the Haroldpool, at eu1.haroldpool.be and the MaxHash pool, at Wysepool. We look forward to having you join our mining pools.

Download Haroldcoin Wallets

Ubuntu 18.04
To compile for different versions of Linux, see the instructions of the README on the Github page.

Buying Haroldcoin

In case you would like to purchase Haroldcoin, we are listed on FINEXBOX. In there we have a pair for HRLD/USDT. We are currently working on getting listed on more exchanges.

Market Capitalizations

Contact The Team Or Community

To contact us you can drop us a line in either of the following places:

- Telegram
- Discord

Browse More Of Our Doc Files

We have more documents available to understand how to use Haroldcoin.

To view all the doc files visit: AtticStudios

Frequently Asked Questions About Haroldcoin

Can I set up a Masternode myself?

Yes! Setting up your own Masternode is quite doable. Click here for Windows instructions. If you want, there are also instructions on how to use Ubuntu to set it up (thanks to Gizzmonius).

Are there instructions on how to use it on Ubuntu?

You can find out how you can install the wallet on Unbuntu 18.04 by clicking here.

Where can I see the list of Masternodes?

You can view the list of masternodes on this page: clicky clicky..

Will there be an Android wallet? How about MacOS?

We are working on it!

The Haroldcoin Team

Main Dev

Co-Founder / Dev


Server Dev

You guys kept whining the white paper is blank (haha, white paper) so here's a link to an actual white paper

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